How have you seen the nature of cross-border business interactions shift with respect to technology?

Minneapolis international law attorney, Richard Weiner, shares how international business has changed with technological innovation.

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Everything is faster. Everything is super-fast. So when I started doing international law 30 years ago you would get a contract in the mail or by Federal Express. And you would mark it up on paper and you would put it back in the envelope and you’d send it back by Federal express and a week later you might get a response. And the same thing with applications for foreign government approvals, you’d fill out the application, you’d put it in an envelope and you’d send it Federal Express. And then you’d wait a couple of weeks or a couple of months and then you’d hear back from the foreign government. Now everything’s online so everything is instantaneous. So all of the agreements are online and you click a button and off it goes to Argentina or to Russia or China and you get a response within a day or two so everything has been speeded up. What used to take weeks or months now takes a couple of days. And that goes for government approvals as well. You fill it out online, you click submit, off it goes, a couple of day later you’ve got your response.