How can an experienced international law attorney help a business with every legal aspect of expansion into another country?

Minneapolis international law attorney, Richard Weiner, explains how lawyers can assist with expansion into overseas markets.

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A good international lawyer is the kind of attorney that can spot all the issues in the foreign country you’re going to. Now, may not have all the answers because nobody can know every law and every regulation in every country. But a good international lawyer who’s had experience can look at a situation, a business situation and say okay, I think there might be a tax issue here or there might be a labor issue in this country. Or there might be a corporate issue in this country. Or if you do it that way, you’re at risk of losing your license or someone might rip off your technology. And so the good international lawyer can spot the issue and then go find the answer and that’s something that really comes over years and years of experience of doing this kind of stuff.