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What I really get a kick out of is when someone comes in my office with a question and I give them a recommendation and say two months later, they come back and go it worked. I enjoy the mentoring part.

Before we started here, which was roughly four and a half years ago, Tony and Alex and I spun off of another firm, and I had a case back then called Cedar Bluff. And that case was a property insurance case, which is the area that I work in. And for example, if you had hail damage or some sort of storm damage to a structure insurance companies would only repair that portion of it that was actually damaged and it was called the matching issue because a lot of times the available siding, for example, or roofing materials wouldn’t match.

So you’d have rough, you know have a brand new building and the only thing that they would pay for was just the damaged siding. So we went first through the appraisal process then through the district court, the Minnesota Court of Appeals and then the Supreme Court held in our favor that because there’s a replacement cost coverage under the policy that the insurers were responsible for replacing all of the side or surface where there was matching. It was a significant victory for policyholders and it was the first big win for this firm so that’s the one that kind of sticks out for me.