What are the current civil penalties?

Minneapolis immigration attorney DeAnne Hilgers discusses civil penalties for failure to comply with Form I-9 regulations.

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Our federal government has set up a system of penalties for employers who don’t fill out the I-9 correctly. There’s a misnomer that I-9s are only for foreign workers or that you can only be fined if you’re hiring foreign workers. That’s not true. If you miss something on the Form I-9, it can be a fine, and that fine ranges from $110.00 to $1,100.00 for every single I-9, and the way they decide which end of the spectrum you fall on depends on the percentage of violations you have. Some violations can be substantive.

That’s when you’ll get a fine, and some are considered technical, and you have an opportunity to fix those before they fine you. But, something as simple as forgetting to check a box can result in a fine, and if that happens often enough, those fines can reach six and even seven figures.