What are the best ways to mitigate risk of dealing with ICE and the DOL?

Minneapolis immigration attorney DeAnne Hilgers discusses the best ways to reduce the risk of dealing with Immigration Customs Enforcement and the Department of Labor.

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The best way to mitigate your risk and especially potential finds is make sure those I-9s are in proper order and properly completed. The most common comment I hear from employers is, “My I-9s are fine,” and I have yet to represent a company in an ICE inspection where the I-9s are fine. So, what can an employer do? Do an external audit. Have somebody come in from the outside and look at your I-9s. Make sure they’re in order. Make sure you have I-9s for everyone and that you’re using a proper procedure and that you’re collecting proper documents. That is probably the number one. Do the right thing and do it the right way. That is your best defense against risks against liability and against having to pay the government a whole lot of money.