When should someone hire a lawyer to pursue an insurance claim?

Bloomington, MN Construction Law Attorney Tim Johnson discusses when someone should hire a lawyer when pursuing an insurance claim.

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Honestly, it’s probably one of the hardest decisions for a homeowner because they know that if their claim has been denied they’ve got a limited set of options and for a lot of people they’ve got a limited number of resources to handle a denied claim. So the time to get an attorney involved is when you’ve exercised everything that you know how to do. And that’s one of the greatest things, I think, about working at this firm is that I can take that phone call, or take a consult at no charge to help a client assess whether or not it’s a claim that has good legal standing. Whether or not there’s ways that they can pursue that claim to help them recover or in some instances, whether it’s something that they shouldn’t pursue at all because they’d be throwing good money after bad. So how do they know? They got to call us.