Why did Jesse Ventura choose you to represent him in this case?

Minneapolis litigator David Olsen of Henson & Efron explains how Jesse Ventura chose David to be his lawyer.

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Well, we’ve been representing Jesse Ventura, my firm, Henson & Efron, for a number of years now. We started back in, I believe it was, about 1993, ’94 when Jesse Ventura sued what was then called the World Wrestling Federation. It’s now WWE. But that was an intellectual property suit over 100 videotapes that had been released with the Governor. Well, he wasn’t the Governor then, but with then wrestler Jesse Ventura without his consent and without payment. And, again, that was in Federal District Court, and we went to trial, and we won that and got nearly a $1,000,000.00 verdict. And I’ve been with him ever since. We’ve done a number of things for him. While he was Governor, we represented him when he was attacked and they tried to throw him out of office and have him recalled. And when he was Mayor, we helped him out when they tried to have him thrown out of office. And we’ve challenged the TSA for him. Just a number of things over the years. So that’s how it ended up that I did this one.