What is your experience with First Amendment issues?

Minneapolis litigator David Olsen of Henson & Efron reflects on his experience in practicing in First Amendment issues.

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Over the years I’ve done a number of cases that had constitutional issues or dimensions. This is probably only my second or third defamation case dealing with free speech rights. But I, in particular, over the last several years, have been working with a group of people that belong to a Hutterite religious colony and working on their freedom of religion rights. I mentioned earlier that I also challenged some of the TSA procedures for Governor Ventura, and that involves the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. A few years back I represented a coalition of healthcare agencies and homecare health providers where certain homecare health providers, because they may be related to the people that they serve, weren’t being paid the same as others that are required to have the same licensing, experience, education, and they all perform the same work. So we challenged that on Fourteenth Amendment grounds, and we got a ruling that the statute was unconstitutional.

So over the years, I have done a number of constitutional cases, and they tend to be cases that I enjoy a lot because the issues are usually so much bigger than the individuals or the companies involved.