Minneapolis, MN family law attorney Nancy Zalusky Berg talks about paternity.

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Well, as unfair as that might feel, representations were made that pregnancy could not occur and then it turns out they were false, that’s not the child’s fault. So, you’re still gonna be found liable for child support if you are in fact the father. And it goes down in history. Many, many, many families are created this way. And someone told me a statistic that at least 10 percent of births – I don’t know how they proved this – but at least 10 percent of birth certificates reflect parentage that is not true.

So, you’re gonna be held liable for child support, but with that liability entitles you to all the rights and responsibilities of a parent. You’re gonna have a right to parenting time. You’re gonna have a right to participate in decisions regarding the child, and so on. And it’s possible – I’ve certainly handled cases over the years where someone who was relatively well-known got somebody pregnant and wanted to have no connection with that child or the pregnancy.

They were able to provide a lump sum payment that would cover the cost of rearing the child under our child support guidelines and then have their identity kept private. Now, that’s somebody with fabulous wealth that could do that, not your Average Joe.