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Watch this brief introduction video to Nancy Zalusky Berg, LLC featuring family law attorney, Nancy Zalusky Berg as she gives a brief overview and history of the firm.

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We’re very, very excited. Nancy Zalusky Berg LLC, or NZB Family Law is our website, has been a very exciting prospect for me and my group pulling this all together. I have a paralegal who’s been with me for 35 years. I’ve got young lawyer, middle aged lawyer, my paralegal, Jan, who’s amazing and works with me on the international cases. We’re just very, very excited.

We’re offering what we think are relatively unique services in the area of family law because of the experience that I offer, the creativity that my associate, Laura, brings to the table, and the fresh, young look that Ruda brings. So I think that we are an excellent choice, especially because of the breadth of services that we offer.

One of the things that I haven’t yet gotten on my website is that I do work as a parenting consultant and I also represent mental health professionals before the various licensing boards. Again because I do family law and I have to do so much work with mental health professionals, that became an interest for me as well. So, that’s a way to keep my interests engaged and not get stale with just doing the same old thing all the time.

Well, you have to feel heard. And very often – I would say the most often, most common reason people come to me and change from their previous lawyer is they didn’t feel like their previous lawyer was listening to them, was understanding what their goals were, what their fears were. It’s really important for us to address fears.

I have a beautiful painting that hangs in the office here that is from a traditional, I believe, Navajo artists. And the painting is of a woman with an oversized coat and clearly looks homeless. For a long time, I was told not to hang it in the office because my clients all feared they were gonna end up homeless. But I think it’s a good place to start that conversation. I find it much more important to expose those fears and deal with them directly rather than to avoid what we know the client is afraid of.

I had one client tell me, “I’m gonna end up livening in a refrigerator box,” and I said, “I know, but it’ll be a zero,” whatever that really expensive refrigerator was. So this is like Maslow’s Hierarchy. These basic needs have to be met, or people can’t hear you. So, I think that’s what is kind of unique about the service that we offer.