Contacting The Firm

Minneapolis, MN family law paralegal Monica Bahls discusses the basic procedure when someone contacts the firm for potential casework.

Contact Monica Bahls

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Phone: (612) 335-4289


What you can expect is to hear a lovely voice on the other end of the phone. And it’s either myself, Jen, or our receptionist. We get the individual’s name – first, last, and middle initial – for both the prospective client and the adverse party. We determine what county this particular case is going to be in. Then I will personally ask a couple of questions, such as: if it’s a divorce; how long they’ve been married; how many children there are; if the parties are still residing together – some basic information about their particular case.

I typically will also ask for income information, and then I will provide them with an opportunity to set up a consultation with one of the attorneys. Once that is done, I then follow that up with a confirming E-mail. And if the individual finds that they can’t make that consultation, they have our telephone number and E-mail address with the confirming E-mail that they can get back to us, as to whether they have to reschedule or not.