Tell us about your past work or educational experience and how that helped prepare you for your current work.

Burnsville, MN Family Law Attorney, Merlyn Meinerts talks about how his experienced shaped him into the lawyer he is today.

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I grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota so that taught me the value of hard work. Working on a farm, I did everything from animal care and crop production to things like shingling barns and other hard work so I think that installs with somebody a lot of work ethic.

But I took a pretty dramatic turn at young age and started working in broadcasting when I was 16-years old. I was working at a local radio station, which led me to work in television and other radio stations thereafter. The translation for me is that it gives me an ability to communicate clearly and effectively when I’m involved in a case either by communicating to a court or to a mediator or to opposing counsel about a case in particular.

From broadcasting, I entered a career in politics because as a broadcaster I was interviewing politicians all the time. That took me to Washington DC where I spent several years. That taught me the art of negotiation. That taught me the art with dealing with high-powered, high-level people who are effective decision makers. I think that translates very well into the practice of law particularly as it relates to family law.