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I focus exclusively on family law so that covers a variety of topics ranging from divorces, custody disputes, property divisions, post degree issues, orders for protection, things like paternity disputes all that falls under the umbrella of family law.

Well, as anyone can tell just by doing a Google search or looking in the Yellow Pages, if anybody uses Yellow Pages anymore, there are hundreds of lawyers offering this type of service. What I think makes myself is just the extent of my experience having been around for almost 25 years. The other thing that makes me unique to some degree is I do a lot of alternative dispute resolution. I do a lot of mediation, early neutral evaluation, and parenting consultant work. Which means that I have a skill set of knowing how to settle a case but if that’s not successful, I certainly know how to litigate a case where necessary.

Well, I think that falls into two main categories one is communication. I think that going through a process like a divorce or any legal process for that matter requires information and communication from the lawyer. So that means a diligence in terms of returning phone calls, scheduling a meeting, scheduling court dates, keeping the client informed.

I think the other angle then is just competency in terms of how the substance of the case is handled and how the issues are presented to a court where necessary or in the alternative, presented to a mediator or someone else who’s called upon to try to settle the case.