Are you on any boards or have you had any leadership positions in the Bar or your community?

Burnsville, MN Family Law Attorney, Merlyn Meinerts discusses the various leadership positions he’s taken on in his career.

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I am frequently presenting continually legal education seminars on subjects such as custody, property division, alternative dispute resolution but probably the involvement I’m most proud of is working as a co-chair of the Early Neutral Evaluation Committee in Dakota County. That started a brand new process for how cases are handled giving people an alternative way of resolving their case through early neutral evaluation that’s been very, very successful.

Statistically speaking, almost 80 percent of the cases that go through early neutral evaluation have been effectively settled. That saves people a lot of money in attorney’s fees and costs, that saves the emotional wear and tear, and it saves the court from being bogged down with cases that could otherwise be settled. So working in that capacity and having a hand in creating a whole new paradigm for case resolution has been very helpful and satisfying to me.