What does child support consist of?

Minnesota Family Law attorney Melisa Field discusses basic child support, medical support, child care support, and unreimbursed medical and dental expenses.

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Child support is actually broken down into four parts. There’s basic child support, medical child support, childcare support, and then unreimbursed medical and dental expenses. Basic child support is the financial contribution for food and housing and clothing those basic obligations. Medical support is a sharing of the medical insurance premiums incurred on behalf of the minor children. Childcare support is a sharing of the daycare expenses for the children. And then unreimbursed medical and dental expenses that’s a sharing of out of pocket costs, for example, copays or prescriptions medical costs that aren’t covered by insurance. In Minnesota, there’s a very specific way that we calculate child support. There’s a calculator, it’s all based on gross incomes and the party’s respective shares of gross income. We call them the PICs, the parental income for determining child support. Your share of the combined income is your share of the PICs and that’s how child support it set going forward.