Why is it so important to choose a lawyer who can understand how emotional the divorce process can be?

Edina divorce attorney, Linda Olup, explains why it is beneficial to clients to have a lawyer with a high emotional IQ.

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I think it’s important to select an attorney who can understand the emotional stages of a divorce because if they can connect to what you’re going through, they’re gonna be able to help you make decisions that are going to be best for you. I’ve been doing this long enough I can see when there’s a cliff a mile away. And if I see the cliff, I can turn to you and I can say, “You’re going to go over a cliff if you don’t change your course of behavior.” Or I can say, “There’s a pitfall. If you’re not careful, in three steps, you’re gonna fall into it.” If I can do that or if a lawyer can do that for you, they’re gonna be able to help you make better decisions so that when you come to the end of your divorce, you can feel satisfied with the result, and that result will endure over a period of years.