The Divorce Process

Minneapolis, MN family law attorney Laura Sahr Schmit talks about the challenges and obstacles she faces in the divorce process.

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Well, the answer I always give is, “It depends.” Because it depends on where the two people are in the process. If you have somebody who thought they were in a happy marriage and the other person serves them with a summons and petition, that person is gonna take longer to catch up, to be at the point where they feel that they can even move forward with the divorce. If you have a situation where both parties have been living separate for six months, it makes it a lot easier and quicker – less painful, emotionally, to go through the divorce.

This document is the Stipulated Findings of Fact, and this would be what would be a final document that we do in a stipulated or agreed-upon divorce. Or, if we were in a trial, the judge would issue a document like this. And you can see how thick it is. So, we’re dealing with a lot issues related to children, parenting times, child support, property, non-marital and marital property, spousal maintenance. And each one of those has multiple layers. So, if people are cooperative, it can go pretty smoothly. If one person is trying to make it difficult for the other person, it can be really difficult, and very time-consuming and taxing.