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This brief introduction video highlights the law office of Burns Law Office located in Burnsville, MN. Featuring family law attorney John Burns addressing what makes Burns Law Office a go-to for those seeking family law counsel in the area.

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There are firms out there that are brand new lawyers and there’s other firms that have a mix of some younger and older lawyers. I’ve been here for twenty-five years; my staff has been with me for many years, and I’ve got good staff, and that’s important when you’re looking at picking an attorney is that you want not only the lawyer themselves, but who else are you going to be interacting with, and I’ve got three assistants that have worked with me and that are very good. What you want to first figure out is do you have a good vibe with that person. Some people miss that. If you go in and your lawyer doesn’t seem to understand what you’re asking for, doesn’t seem to prioritize what’s important to you, then that’s a bad fit. If you talk to your lawyer and you immediately feel like they’re on the same page, that’s important. After that, you want to know about their experience. Have they handled cases like yours in the past? Do they have the ability and the competence to handle your complexity of your case? Do they have the time to dedicate to your case?