Do all experts re-engineer the opposing experts like you do?

Bloomington, MN Expert Witness David Riley talks about whether or not all experts re-engineer the opposing experts like he does.

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I don’t believe so. Because when I talk to some colleagues, they think I’m really going well beyond the call of duty. However, it really helps me because I understand what they’re trying to do. I understand their theories, both from a theoretical body of knowledge viewpoint, and from a practical viewpoint. And you know what? I find errors. I find math errors, financial errors, and all sorts of errors. And that helps us, you and I, discredit the opposing expert. And once they go down that route, it’s hard for them to get their credibility back and it helps me maintain my credibility.

And in court, I believe you have to have some agility. I’m reminded of one case where the jury just wasn’t really listening or understanding what I was saying. And I went up to an easel and I pointed out, there are ten assumptions in this case. And of these ten assumptions, opposing expert increases value. Assumption two, increase value. Three, increases value, increases value, increases value, increases value, increases value. And in my analysis, the assumption number one, decreases value, increases value, decreases, decreases, increases. So the jury and judge was convinced that the opposing expert was not giving an unbiased opinion.