Who is not subject to probate in Minnesota?

Minneapolis, MN estate planning attorney Cameron R. Kelly talks about who is not subject to probate in Minnesota.

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If all of your property passes without needing some other process, without needing the probate process so, examples of that would be beneficiary designations. If I have an IRA and I name my son as the beneficiary of the IRA no probate is needed. I send a copy of the death certificate and a form that the company puts out and it’s going to process on its own without needing a court to intervene. If all of your property passes like that or in similar ways then you’re not going to need a probate. The other way that you wouldn’t need a probate is if your estate is small enough that it’s not subject to the probate statutes and in Minnesota, that number is $75,000.00. If you die with $75,000.00 or less then you can avoid a probate and collect the properties through some easier methods.