How does the estate planning process typically work?

Minneapolis, MN estate planning attorney Cameron R. Kelly talks about how the estate planning process typically works.

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You know most of the time when people are contacting me it’s either by phone or by e-mail for that first contact. And try to take the time to talk with them a little bit at that point to get an idea of what they’re looking for too and that way maybe change the process depending on what they’re looking for. But we do have a typical process that we go through and I’ll send people an e-mail with that process. It’s a one-page sheet that I put together just kind of telling people what to expect because for most people it’s the first time that they’ve come into something like this.

What it typically entails is I’ll send a worksheet to the client; they’ll get that, I’ll ask them to fill it out as best they can. And then after that we’ll have a meeting together. If it’s a couple I like to have both of them there at the meeting and we’ll talk about what they’re situation is so we know how to help them. Depending on the complexity, we might start in right away on that meeting on designing what their plan is going to look like and we might go straight to a signing meeting after that.

But in a more complex situation, it might take a couple meetings to get to that point. We really let the situation govern exactly how it’s going to look. For most people though after they sign they’re pretty much done with their plan unless they’ve done a trust or something where we need to help them with some beneficiary designations or deeds and getting their property into that trust. But try to lawyer that out for people ahead of time so they know what to expect going in.