How much will my estate plan cost?

Minneapolis, MN estate planning attorney Cameron R. Kelly talks about the typical cost of an estate plan.

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That’s a question I get a lot of times at the beginning of the process and again, I’ll typically be very free to send a price sheet to people if they’re looking to get an idea of what the different costs might be. The cost of an estate plan is going to differ depending on what type of plan that they decide to put in place. So if it’s a single person doing a will the cost is going to be different than a married couple putting in place a revocable living trust.

For a small estate the will, power of attorney, healthcare directive is usually pretty affordable. For a bigger plan, it will get more expensive but a lot of times, we’re still able to do it on a flat fee. And that’s something that our clients like because they want to know what to expect going into things. And so if a client’s asking me for a flat fee and we look at the situation as something that we can reasonably predict what’s going to happen we try to do that as often as possible.