If my trust continues after I pass away, do my heirs need to come in to have additional trust documents drafted?

Minneapolis, MN estate planning attorney Cameron R. Kelly talks about the typical procedure when someone with a trust passes away and who takes over when it continues as well as the documents involved.

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No. So while our clients are living and we do estate-planning documents for them and if we draft a revocable trust for them that document is complete enough that it takes into account that it will need to change after they pass away. And so while the client is alive the trust will look one way, it will be a revocable trust at that point. After maybe one of a couple passes away, then in that case the trust will change a little bit and maybe some new trusts will form instead. And then again, after that second spouse passes away the trust is going to change for your beneficiaries at that point. But the point is to make the document good enough that it anticipates all those changes and we make sure that those people are going to be taken care of in that one single document that you’ve put together during your lifetime.