What leave laws would you expect that every employer should address in some manner in its policies?

Minneapolis Employment Law Attorney, Thomas Marshall, discusses the various leave laws every employer should address.

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Many employers try to do a comprehensive leave law policy and it just doesn’t work especially in a state like here where we have so many leave laws. What they should do is look at main policies. Okay, if they have over 50 employees they have to, of course, have an FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act policy. But all employers should have a vacation or paid time off policy, whatever they have. They should have policies that indicate when people can take a personal leave if they want to have a personal leave in there. They should have time off for when the people want to have sick time or things that the employee can reference. But Minnesota, for example, has other law such we have a bone marrow donation law or we have election laws as to when people can take time off of work to vote. Or we have laws that allow people to work on a caucus. An employer doesn’t need to have policies like that in their handbook they can just say that we will abide with other legal requirements and let people go to their HR department if they want more information.