The Case of the Sponsor’s Breach of Contract

Minneapolis, MN employment law attorney Andrew Parker talks about an important case to him.

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I represented in that case a very interesting fellow who ran high-power motorsport teams. And this case involved the X Games snocross team, the snowmobile team for a large snowmobile manufacturer. And so there was a contract between my client and his team to provide at all of the different snocross and X Games the snowmobile racing in the games, and so they had some of the great talent in snowmobile racing on this team. And they would travel throughout the country. A breach of contract occurred. We litigated the case against one of the largest law firms in town. We were a week away from trial when we settled the case. It actually wouldn’t have settled but for the fact that we insisted to have the CEO of this large snowmobile manufacturer down involved in the mediation that occurred just a week before trial. He did not want to come. The judge ordered it. And that caused the case, we believe, to be resolved favorably for our client.