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This video features employment law attorney Andrew Parker of Parker Daniels Kibort, LLC discussing specific role models to the law firm.

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When we started Parker Daniels Kibort, we identified several iconic figures to underscore, really, the ideals of what our law firm is all about. We begin with our moniker, Winston Churchill, who really stands for the idea of tenacity. When we take on litigation and trial cases, we are tenacious, we are aggressive, and we are never yielding. As Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up.”

Then we go to Ronald Reagan. Agree with him or disagree with him, this is not a picture that really is about Ronald Reagan other than a picture showing Reagan when he had just lost to Gerald Ford and how he dealt with defeat, trial, tribulation, and difficulty. That is very important in the law as well. And Reagan did it in a manner not exceeded by many, if any, as you know what occurred after this 1976 picture at the Republican National Convention.
Then we come to Menachem Begin standing for the warrior and the peacemaker. At times in litigation we need to be the warrior, which Menachem Begin was in creating the state, the Jewish state of Israel. This is a picture of Begin in 1947. Later he became the peacemaker, peace with Egypt, which has lasted more than three decades.

Then we have Richard Nixon. Not many law firms have Richard Nixon on their wall. We have Richard Nixon on our wall talking to Nikita Khrushchev with translator, a very active photo. And the reason for it is, when he was vice-president of the United States, he spoke to the dark side and he defeated the dark side through many discussions in setting up what later became the Reagan years and the end of the Soviet Union without firing a bullet.

Then we come to the President, President Truman, the general, General Eisenhower, and the commander, General Patton. It takes a team to really achieve victory, and that’s what occurred, this picture taken just a month before Patton’s death after World – or at the end of World War Two, and a picture of a team of steadfast warriors in victory – as is Parkers Daniel Kibort.