What Are the consequences for my license after a third DUI?

Minneapolis DUI lawyer David Valentini explains that after a third DUI, a person can face 90 days in jail, ignition interlock, and lose their license for a period of time.

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In terms of your driver’s license consequences, your driving privileges likely would be canceled. So you still have to do everything the same. You have to take the test, the knowledge test on the DUI, pay the reinstatement fee of $685.00, be on ignition interlock, but probably for a three-year term. But you will lose your license for 30 days, and in order for you to go on ignition interlock, you must be enrolled in an outpatient treatment program. The first year on ignition interlock will be on a limited license, and the balance of two years you’ll be able to drive without restrictions except for the restrictions on the ignition interlock. In terms of the jail consequences, you will do 90 days.