Does A DUI In Minnesota Affect a License Application in Another State?

Minneapolis DUI Lawyer David Valentini explains the consequences of having a DUI in Minnesota when applying for a license elsewhere.

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So the question is if you have a DUI on your record in Minnesota, if you decided to move to Oklahoma and apply for a license in Oklahoma, you would likely have to satisfy Minnesota prior to being licensed in that particular state. In 1995, the entire nation went on a compact, and I believe that that issue is dealt with now nationwide.

You have to be valid in your home state before you can get licensed in another state. That creates many problems. For example, the state of Illinois, it’s very difficult to clear up those license questions. That issue had to go right up to the Minnesota court of appeals on a couple of cases we’re involved in to clear that so the person could get licensed. But the answer is, yes, you have to satisfy Minnesota before you likely can be licensed in another state.