What Are The Consequences Of A Second DUI?

Minneapolis DUI Lawyer David Valentini explains that a person facing a second DUI might see jail time or have to perform community service.

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The second DUI usually involves a prior alcohol-related incident within ten years. So alcohol offenses on your record in Minnesota, although they are there forever, there’s a ten-year window that they can use it against you except if you have a felony DUI or a felony criminal vehicular operation. Once a felony, always a felony. So that’s a whole different ballgame.

But if you have a prior alcohol-related offense within ten years, then you’ll be aggravated to a gross misdemeanor, and you face mandatory minimum jail consequences. That includes a 30-day jail sentence where you have to usually do 48 hours in custody. Although the 48 hours is not necessarily mandatory, you face mandatory jail consequences. You certainly would do electronic home monitoring or some alternative such as community service to satisfy that jail sentence.