What are the consequences for my license for a first time DUI?

Minneapolis DUI lawyer David Valentini explains potential penalties for a first time DUI in Minnesota.

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In terms of license consequences, it depends on what the reading is. So say, for example, if you are at 0.08 to a 0.159, you will lose your driving privileges for 90 days. The first 15 days is a deprivation period. So you’ll be able to drive for one week to get your affairs in order, then you’ll lose all your driving privileges for 15 days. You have to pass an educational touchscreen computer test, pay a $680.00 license-reinstatement fee, and then apply for a work permit from day 16 to day 90.

If you are over 0.16 or greater, then you have to now go on ignition interlock. So you have to apply for ignition interlock. You have to certify to the commissioner of public safety that your vehicle is insured. You have to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. You have to blow into it to start it, and then you have to continually blow into it to keep your car rolling. That’s for a one-year period of time.