What Is Bail For A DUI? Are There Conditions Of Release?

Minneapolis DUI Lawyer David Valentini explains that bail can be as high as $12,000 and face conditions like an alcohol-monitoring anklet.

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Usually on a first-time DUI where your test is under 0.20 and you don’t have an aggravating factor, it’s usually an issuance of a citation and a release. However, if you refuse testing, if you have a child in the car, or if you test over 0.20 even on a first-time offense, you could be forced to post a $12,000.00 bail in order to be released or go to court, wait until your turn to go to court, and be released conditionally. Those conditions could include what’s called a SCRAM system, which is a monitor that you would wear on your ankle. It measures your perspiration 24/7 to see if you’ve consumed any alcohol. Any alcohol use, you could get your conditional release revoked.

Additionally, there is a system, Alco-Sensor system, that’s attached to your phone line where you would have to blow several times a day to assure that you’re not using alcohol. Other counties use a color wheel test where you get called if your color pops up, and you have to go to the police department within a specific time period to give a sample of your usually breath or urine to assure that you’re not using alcohol or any controlled substances for that matter.

On a second-time DUI and greater, usually you have to post bail in order to be released or go to court for the conditional release.