How does an attorney prepare for a trial in a DUI case?

Minneapolis DUI/DWI lawyer David Valentini prepares for trial by first attempting to settle the case at pre-trial conferences, and then expertly going through evidence, witnesses, and defenses.

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Before we get to a trial itself, there’s a number of court appearances before that. So you’ll meet probably as many as two to three times with the prosecutor and sometimes with the judge to see if the case can get settled, and I will have informed my client of what the offer is and hopefully what the terms of the penalty will be in the event that there was a plea.

Not a whole lot of cases go to trial, especially in the DUI area, but some cases absolutely have to go to trial. If the case really does go to trial, then you have to have your evidence down. You have to have interviewed your – the witnesses in the case. You’ll know what the police officer said. You’ll review the videotapes and sometimes hire an expert witness to testify on a case-specific issue.