What happens if I’m arrested for another crime while on probation?


The state’s going to look to double dip. They’re going to look to punish you for the new crime that you were arrested for they’re also going to look to punish you for the DWI offense that you’re on probation for. In any situation where somebody’s on probation for DWI, they’ve almost certainly got some jail time hanging over their head. Ninety days up to 365 days that the judge can impose if they violate one of the terms of probation. And committing new crime is almost always going to be a violation of the terms of probation. And Minnesota law says that probation violations for DWI are often sentenced consecutively. And without going into the law of that what it basically means is that after you take your lumps on the new crime then you’re going to also have to serve the lumps for whatever the judge decides to impose on the probation violation. So you can end up spending a lot of time in jail if you commit a probation violation.