How can you help me get out of jail after a DWI arrest?

Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Dan Koewler explains how he can get someone out of jail who was placed under arrest for a DWI.

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DWI arrests are one of the few crimes where the legislature has stepped in and tried to tell judges how much bail they need to impose on a given case and bail is just the amount of money somebody needs to post to be released from custody. In a DWI case the most standard bail amount and the amount that was set by the legislature is $12,000.00. So there’s some circumstance where if somebody’s been arrested for DWI on a Friday or a Saturday or maybe a Thursday over a holiday weekend we can actually call a judge directly and ask them to automatically set that bail amount. We’ll then coordinate with a bail bond company and our new client’s family to try to arrange for a way to get that bail posted and get them out of custody before the weekend is done.