Tell us about a rewarding or significant case you’ve handled.

Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Charles Ramsay reflects on a very meaningful case to him and why it is so special to this day.

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The most rewarding case that I handled was about 15 years ago when a gentleman came to me and he had just entered a plea of guilty to malicious punishment of a child, and it was his daughter who was then two years old. When he was charged with this crime, he had hired a lawyer to defend him. He didn’t know that this lawyer was actually a part time prosecutor. And the lawyer, he didn’t give it 100 percent and he talked his client, who became my client, into pleading guilty.

There was some physical trauma to his child, or so it appeared, but when he came to me we looked at the science and we were able to show that her injuries were not trauma induced but they were organic related, and not only were we able to withdraw his plea before the sentencing, but in the end, once we gathered all the evidence – scientific and otherwise – the state ultimately dismissed the charges. Every year I get a Christmas card from this client of him and his daughter. And as she’s gotten older, it’s become much more rewarding with the passage of time. That’s my favorite case.