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Watch this brief introduction video to Ramsay Law Firm, PLLC featuring DWI defense attorneys Charles Ramsay and Dan Koewler.

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When we’re hired by a driver who’s been charged with DWI, we fight aggressively. We leave no stone unturned. We get the video tapes, the audio tapes, the police reports. With breath test cases, we go to the lab and we get all the maintenance and calibration records. With blood and urine test cases, we do the same thing; we’ll go to the lab as well. If there’s a way to beat it, we’ll find it.

Our service is almost exclusively focused on DWI and DWI related cases and defending them. And that ranges from first time DWI’s, you know parents calling us because their kid got a DWI. Commercial truck drivers who got a DWI all the way up to felony DWI.

If they call here and I’m not available, I’ve got topnotch staff that can help them. And if it’s a legal question, we’ll set up a time to talk over the phone but if it’s something that deals with just administration my paralegal can help them with that.

We’ve limited our practice to just those types of offenses that can be classified as DWI. We don’t do drug cases, we don’t do domestic abuse cases; we’ve got that focus because we’re very good at it and those are the types of people that we want to be helping.