How should one go about hiring a lawyer -- What traits and experience should one look for?

Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Charles Ramsay talks about what makes the best lawyer.

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When a person is selecting a DWI defense lawyer, they have to not only look at their formal education but, probably more importantly, their informal education. All of us have been to law school and passed the bar, but many lawyers stop there. They may undergo the minimum training, the continuing legal education credits, but we go beyond that. We go to continuing education classes around the country. I have been to science courses so that I know the science better than the government witnesses do, their experts. While I don’t have the formal education, I believe that I know it better than they do.

And so if you’re looking for a lawyer, be careful of those pay for accolade – top 100 this, top 10 this. People should look beyond that and find out how those accolades are awarded. Do the attorneys pay for it or did they have to earn it? Here we get all kinds of accolades in the mail. All we gotta do is pay for ’em: $300.00, $500.00. We don’t put those up. The ones that we are proud of are the ones that we’ve earned, and you can look at our website and which ones we’ve earned.