How does a death or injury impact my DWI?

Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Charles Ramsay talks about what a death or injury as a result of a DWI can mean for you and your punishment.

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In those cases where a driver causes injury to another party or, unfortunately, may cause death to another person, then they are going to likely be charged with a felony DWI. In Minnesota, if you kill somebody while you’re impaired or have an alcohol concentration of .08 or more, the sentencing guidelines call for 48 months in prison. This is not county time. This is prison. This is serious jail time and you should take it seriously as well. There are a number of defenses to this crime. Among them are causation, challenging the test, the science behind the testing. We believe that we can expose the limitations of those scientific tests in order to defend people who are charged with criminal vehicular operation or homicide.