Where do you see the future of criminal defense practice in this country?

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garry on the future of the practice of criminal defense law.

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It’s clear to me that criminal defense law, being a criminal defense lawyer is changing. When I talk to some of my mentors, and some of the attorneys have been doing this much longer than me back when they started there was 25, 50 criminal defense lawyers. Now in the state, they’re probably over 350 criminal defense lawyers. Most of my clients are referred by other clients or other lawyers or even prosecutors I litigate against but I think that’s going to change. And I only say that because when I look at my kids and how they get their information it’s [acting like he’s texting] de-de-de-de-de-do. All they do is go on their iPads and iPhones and they find their information that way. So much to the demise of, I think many lawyers I think that’s going to change. I still think there will always be referrals, of course, but I think that the younger generations coming up are going to find their lawyers in different ways. And if attorneys don’t start adapting to that, it’s going to be a problem.