My house has been searched and I’ve been arrested. Should I talk to the police?

You’ve been arrested after a search of your house. The police start asking you questions. Should you cooperate and answer the questions? Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garry, tells you what to do.

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Absolutely not. It’s the worst thing you could is talk to the police. What you should do is ask the police if you can make a phone call and your lawyer. If they won’t allow you to call your lawyer, keep your mouth shut. I once read a book where the lawyer in the book had a fish above his desk and the fish had its mouth open with the lure that he had caught it with and below was captioned if only I’d kept my mouth shut I’d still be alive. And I thought that was pretty funny because I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve had where the police had circumstantial evidence, they didn’t have the evidence they really needed to charge and all a sudden my client had opened his mouth and completely spilled his guts and he was charged, so never talk to the police.