I have been falsely accused of a crime, what should I do?

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garry,¬†on what you should do if you’ve been wrongly accused of a crime.

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Each situation is different but you shouldn’t try and automatically go to the police and try and solve the matter yourself. You should get a criminal defense lawyer, an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows what they’re doing, explain the problem to them, and see what can happen or what can be done to try and either prevent them from being charged or to convince the prosecuting attorney to dismiss the case prior to the criminal charges preceding in court. The last, I think it’s a criminal defense lawyers worst nightmare to have a falsely accused client go to prison; it’s the kind of thing that keeps criminal defense lawyers up at night. So as long as you can get an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows what they’re doing, most of the time those things work themselves out.