When Will You Retire?

Minnesota criminal defense attorney Joe Friedberg says he will retire when his performance declines.

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I would quit when somebody tells me that “you’re not doing this as well as you used to.” I will ask judges, ones that I respect, after a case, if they noticed anything. My wife comes to portions of pretty much every case I try, and I think she’d be the first one to say something. She knows that I want her to. You know, I’ve made some changes in the last 15 years. Any case of any substantial length, I don’t try it without another lawyer working with me on it, in and out of court. I think once you get to a certain point, it’s kinda arrogant to go it alone, and if – I haven’t had the feeling that I’m slipping. I mean there are some brash things I’ve done in my past that I wouldn’t do it again.