Have you thought of writing a memoir?

Minnesota criminal defense attorney Joe Friedberg jokes that his wife has started bugging him about a memoir.

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You know, I’ve said no to that for many, many years, and now my wife has started bugging me about that. Maybe. But a lot of the ones that I read are nothing but –Dershowitz comes to mind. I mean his ego is huge. It’ll hardly stay between the bindings. Most of these lawyers’ books that you read are expressions of their own ego, and they really do sound arrogant.

You know, I gotta tell you that I tell people, if you want to know how truthful your lawyer is, your criminal lawyer is, ask him how good his trial record is in federal court. And if he tells you it’s really good, then you know he’s a liar. I’ve won about a third of my cases in federal court that I’ve tried, probably 80 percent of my state court cases. But a lot – when I read like Nizer’s books and Gerry Spence’s book and other lawyers’ books, I never read about a case they lost, and I know they lose cases, and I kinda been afraid that if I wrote memoirs that were the truth, I’d look like the worst lawyer that’s ever been in print because, you know, I’ve got – there are four TV shows running now on late night repeats – Forensic Files and A&E and stuff. Three of the four – of cases I’ve handled, three of the four I lost, and I guess they don’t make a real good story unless they have the right person. But you have to find a way, you have to find a theme, and I’m not sure I know it.