Should I Talk To The Police?

Minnesota criminal defense attorney Joe Friedberg staunchly opposes talking to the police without a subpoena to a grand or petit jury.

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No, you should never cooperate. I consider you to be a non-patriotic American if you answer questions for law enforcement. Look, you’ve got your own words, your own thoughts. They’re yours. Why would you give them away for nothing? In addition to that, nobody can say the same thing in two separate interviews identically, which leads people to believe that you might be lying.

There is only two times that an American citizen can be made to say something. That’s in front of either a grand or a petit jury or – well, that’s it, between a – you can be forced to testify in front of a trial jury, called a petit jury, or in front of the grand jury, as long as you’re given immunity. But you have an absolute right to refuse to talk to anybody, any time, any place other than those two places and that’s only after being given immunity. There’s no reason to ever speak to law enforcement without consulting with a lawyer.