What If I Have A Public Defender?

Minnesota criminal defense attorney Joe Friedberg says that some of the best attorneys he knows are public defenders.

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Public defenders are some of the best defense lawyers in the state. The only problem with public defenders is more are good than bad, but you don’t get your choice, and you got to keep who you get. And their real problem is they’re completely overwhelmed. Their caseloads are incomprehensibly big. I had a friend who was a public defender in Itasca County, Grand Rapids, and the county would only – the chief public defender was an idiot and couldn’t do anything. Okay? So this guy got the work load. When he finally quit, he had 3000 cases and he was getting paid less than $40,000.00 a year to handle them. Average criminal defense lawyer in America makes less than $40,000.00. It’s not an area to get wealthy in.