Meet Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Friedberg

Meet Joe Friedberg as he is introduced by some of Minnesota’s most esteemed lawyers.

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Greg Stenmoe: Joe is an absolute master. He’s the Yoda of criminal law. He’s so smart. And what is amazing about Joe is his ability to relate to a jury.

Jim Carey: Yeah, I love Joe. Again, he’s universally regarded as the best, or one of the best, criminal lawyers in Minnesota. He’s a character, and he’s fun to be around, and he’s an excellent, excellent lawyer.

Michael Dady: I know Joe Friedberg to be one of the very best criminal defense lawyers in this part of the country. He as a honest, straight-ahead sort of a criminal defense lawyer that has a wonderful and richly deserved reputation.

Nancy Berg: Who doesn’t know Joe Friedberg? Who hasn’t kind of worshipped at the feet of Joe Friedberg as kind of the king of criminal defense law in Minnesota?

Bill Sieben: I mean he’s Clarence Darrow-esque in reputation. His successes in the courtroom are unbelievable. And he tells a story better than anybody. He’s the greatest raconteur in the world.

Joseph Friedberg: I have never found anybody, Bill, in all these years, that didn’t have some redeeming characteristics. I’ve represented some horrible people.

Greg Stenmoe: And he’s ethical. He’s smart. And if I ever got into a difficulty that required Joe’s services, or somebody like him, he would be number one my list.