What Did You Do After Law School?

Minnesota criminal defense attorney Joe Friedberg reflects on what he did after law school.

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I did start with a Wall Street firm. The firm I went with I found the work to be horrible and I hated it. Remember, I was an encyclopedia salesman through a lot of college and all of law school. When I went out and taught law at Stanford, I still sold encyclopedias. When I went back to New York with that Wall Street firm, I still sold encyclopedias to supplement my income. And I came out here kind of out of desperation. A buddy of mine that I’d worked with in North Carolina in the book business was out here and in 1963 made $115,000.00. I called him and asked him if he had a spot for me. He did, so I came out, and the first two years I didn’t have anything to do with the law; I just ran a book operation.