Tell us about a significant case or transaction you’ve handled?

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney J.P. Plachecki shares some memorable cases he’s been involved with recently.

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I could go back to I think eight days ago we tried a case for a number of days up in a neighboring county. A woman falsely accused of assaulting a police officer. And they had great records in that case but as we know about records, they’re often misleading. If you go to city hall and get a dog license and come back and cross out the word dog and write cat that doesn’t mean you have a cat license. But we barely got to the coffee shop and they jury verdict was in. Of course, that was an acquittal so that’s last week. I could probably go week by week before that. We did argue the what was referred to as a landmark Supreme Court case I think that was 2006, State v. Burdock. I argued that, at one point thought Justice Page was going to come off at the bench at me but he restrained himself. And then when we got the opinion, Mr. McClure told me that we had won but that Justice Page dissented and I thought that was about par for what I had gone through at oral arguments. And then McClure being the jokester he was was kidding me so that was a big one for us.