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Watch this brief introduction video to Price, McCluer, Plachecki & Lallemont featuring Criminal Law attorneys, J.P. Plachecki and Richmond H. McCluer, Jr..

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R. H. McCluer, Jr.: The firm that’s currently Price, McCluer, Plachecki & Lallemont has been Winona since the 1800s. And we have a continuous history of fine lawyers who have taught and mentored other young lawyers, who in turn grow into the practice and mentor other young lawyers. 

J.P. Plachecki: If it’s serious, you want to go out and get the best attorney or attorneys that you can afford. Look for someone with a proven track record. And what I’ve found other the years is good attorneys usually travel in pairs.

R. H. McCluer, Jr.: And even people who are accused of crimes that society really labels as abhorrent, they’re still a human being and they still have – should be treated with the dignity of a human being, even a human being who has erred or fallen short of society’s expectations. 

J.P. Plachecki: Everything will be okay. Let us handle the case.