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I’ll just try to put myself in the clients shoes, wherever the case ends are they going to be happy, what spot would I be in if I were in their shoes. I think that’s the only way to properly defend someone.

I think we’re the oldest firm south of St. Paul. So we’re primarily criminal defense firm at least, Mr. McClure and I.

Several weeks before college was to start I still had now plans. I asked two of my friends what they were doing and they said, “We’re going to St. Mary’s College.” So I thought, maybe I’ll go there. And I pretty much took the same approach after graduating top five percent of my college class didn’t know what I was doing afterward, and I think 10 days before school was starting I applied for law school.

First job special assistant attorney general with the revenue department in Boston until 1994 I joined the firm here that year. I started practicing with the world’s or maybe not the world’s, Minnesota’s greatest criminal defense attorney, Douglas Walser Thompson.

If it’s serious, you want to go out and get the best attorney or attorney’s that you can afford. Look for someone with a proven track record. And what I’ve found over the years is good attorneys usually travel in pairs.